User Profile

I would like User Profile data to support column type If / Then or Template.
Unable to personalize name and select Email.

You can definitely use them in those types of column, can you give us some screenshots of your problem?

@ThinhDinh You can use them in the sheet but cannot pull the data into the app editor component. I have a template field in the user tab that I am unable to access with my app components, such as text.

I can’t understand the true problem, what components are you referring to here, and template columns can definitely be used in text components.

@ThinhDinh I am unable to pull a template field value into a text component from the user tab. It works on all other tabs except for the user tab. At least in my app.

Here is a screenshot.
Only text or email type columns are valid in the data.
impossible to use IfThen or Template type columns.

ITE columns are available to me for text and email components. See Screenshots.

Are we on same page?

email component

text component

uhmm no. I’m talking about User Profile

Oh seems like me and @S_C thought you were referring to using user profiles columns in parts of the app.

Regarding this, you can only use sheet columns as of now.

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Thank you Mr’s
That was the subject of my request.
The objective is to be able to select the users to authorize access to the application (with the option Alloweb email List)