User profile image upload not working

Hi, so i enabled user to upload their profile pics, but after i clicked it, nothing is changed and theres no little camera icon pop up on the black profile, is it a bug?

In the data editor when you click on the user profiles tab there should be a few options/ columns to configure along the right hand side (Name, Email, Image, etc…

Is your user profile ‘Data’ field for Image targeting an image column in your user profile sheet?


I have the same problem. Checkbox “Allow image upload” is enabled on the User Profile menu page.

I can click on the User picture and choose the file. It looks like the picture is being uploaded - I can even see it. But nothing is stored in the Image column for the signed-in user at the Users table. So, when I press the “back”(or “close”) button - the picture is lost.

If you can reproduce it in a video, please send it to the support team. If you can use to record it would be great.

Do you get this same behaviour in the published app, or does it only happen in the builder?

I noticed this behaviour in an app a couple of days ago, but it only happened in the builder so I didn’t worry about it.

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Well I’m having the exact same problem but its not showing on the app and builder.

If you can reproduce it, please submit a ticket here.