User profile image, Map and enlarge image in Pages


Been a while since I was here :joy:
Started playing in pages after a while and man, team glide did an amazing work!
I love all the new elements of the kanban, grid collection, container and many other things.

There few things I do miss:

  1. Enlarge image, did I miss it? We can’t do this in pages?
  2. Map - I could really use a map component with locations like the app, even tried to embed Google map but was un successful
  3. User profile image - tried to set an if-than-else column as the image and couldn’t do that (wanted to put a random image if a user doesn’t have a profile image).


This one has been requested, but I don’t think it’s a high priority for Pages.

You can’t use a computed column for a profile image (or name, or email). If you wanted to have some sort of default, you’d need an attached GSheet (for example) and do it there.

Yea. Wanted to do an all glide project

Maybe if you wait for a while. I know that Glide have plans to eventually move computed columns server side. Once that happens, using a computed column for a profile image might become a possibility :wink: