User Preference

@Rasmus_Jensen So I am not sure if the above will work, as it may, but I have managed to create exactly what you described above using user specific columns for each users preference type (I used size, colour and cost) in conjunction with an if/else column which determines if each product matches the 3 above selections.

Then a list is simply used to display all products using the result of the True/false column as a filter.

More specifically my setup is as follows:

On your standard Users tab:

  • In Glide Only: 3 user specific preference columns (or more, 1 for each preference users can specify)

On your product tab:

  • In Sheets: Product name in column 1, description column 2 etc…
  • In Sheets: Preference columns matching those in the users tab filled in for their product
  • In Glide Only: If/Else column (this column will also be inherently user specific as it is based off of user specific columns
    • Create an If for each preference column
      • IF (pref 1 in user sheet) IS NOT (pref 1 in product sheet) THEN False
      • IF (pref 2 in user sheet) IS NOT (pref 2 in product sheet) THEN False
      • IF (pref 3 in user sheet) IS NOT (pref 3 in product sheet) THEN False
      • …(add as many ifs as there are columns of preferences)
      • ELSE True

In the Glide Designer

  • Create a list page or inline list somewhere in your app and filter it using the if/else column.

Let me know if you have any questions!