User onboarding - store user-specific progress

Hey guys,

I want to flag user-specifically if onboarding was done and hide it afterwards.

Implementation so far:

  • Linked profile to user table
  • Added column “onboarding done” in user table
  • Added onboarding screen in tab menu
  • Added button action on onboarding screen “increment number” for “onboarding done” in user table
  • Added visability option for onboarding screen: display only “if user signed-in” and “onboarding done is empty”

“increment number” in “onboarding done” of the user table counts up only in the 1st row of the table and not in the user-specific row. visibility check of onboarding screen is for all users the same and not user-specific.

How can I make this process user-specific?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi :wave:

Have you filtered as ‘is signed in user’?


Thanks @Rosewebstudio. This fixed the problem! :pray:

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