User Login - Date and Time

I’ve had my app for a while now but I just noticed that the date and time for the User Login is ahead by one day and and a few hours. Anyone know how to fix this?

Where are you seeing this? Is it in the special Google sheet table that was automatically created and tracks logins? If so, does the date time correspond with UTC time?

It’s on the data sheet. Someone else set the app up for me, he was in France. I’m not sure what time zone it’s pulling. When I google the date and time it say, Tehran (Iran). Specifically, Tehran (Iran) Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 3:50:00 am IRST UTC+3:30 hours.

Not sure. Should be pretty straightforward. I checked mine and it records the time as UTC time, which I would expect to be normal server time. I also seem to recall that Glide writes the timestamp as a text data type with an ISO format. I guess I don’t know if your google sheet has any additional formatting on that date column, or something else that would force it to a certain timezone, but that would be the first place I would check.

Where can I find the Time in the Glide System?

My understanding is that the glide system creates the data table that includes the date not google sheets. The data is then passed through to google sheets. When I’m in the glide app and looking at the data it’s already created the time stamp, so it can’t be the google sheet create the issue.

There is nothing you would have access to check. Glide writes this time to the google sheet behind the scenes. As said, I would expect it to be written as UTC time and from there maybe it’s possible that your google sheet is doing some additional formatting. If you are actually seeing the data returned to glide, then you definitely have another google sheet tab that’s copying the data from the original google sheet logins tab.

I really don’t think Glide is going to write timestamps with random timezones. It’s going to be standard, like UTC time. I would be iniclined to say that something is happening in the google sheets…especially if it’s set up to return that data to the glide app. Typically that login sheet tab is hidden from Glide and requires duplicating the sheet tab with a formula in the google sheet to become visible to Glide.

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