🌪 Use Multiple Choice Components to Filter an Inline List

In action! Love it!


Very clever! I never looked into them but now I can envision the use cases for the single value column.

I wish I could do filtering like this with maps. Sigh.


That’s what I love about Glide…more than one way to achieve the end result.


Beautiful! The Rollup column makes such a difference!

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Sir Bob

Quick question for ya.

Details page - contains two inline lists, both lists contain common data. (Location, age)

The inline lists are from two separate sheets.

Would it be possible to have a filter that would work on both lists?

So filter on location and age when applied both lists would be filtered.


Yep. Create a singlevalue column in Sheet 2 that points to the filter choice in Sheet 1. Then recreate the if/then/else columns in Sheet 2 and add the filters.


Got ya.

Over and out



How are you trying to filter maps? It should work the same way.

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Like this…

Bob’s method works only with details screens.

I think the best bet for you is to have a details screen, store your choices inside an image that acts as a button. The inline list will take a map view. Would that work?

Specifically about the “button”, I made something like this a while ago using Cloudinary.

So your suggestion sounds interesting but I am not sure what you mean by storing the choices in a button.

I would loose the favorites functionality from the map tab, I guess that would have to be another filter choice.

I have a separate sheet for that. The button links to the screen for that sheet where I store multiple choice components, then I get the choices back to the main sheet using the same method Robert introduced.

Regarding the favorites, you can have a choice component writing to a user-specific column that says “All” and “Favorites”. You can have two inline lists, the All one taking all items satisfying the original filter, the favorites one adding a further filter of Is Favorited = True.

Yes right. I am using a second inline list with visibility conditions. I wonder what is more efficient with, for instance, 20k rows. Adding columns and formulas to 20k rows ralentizes the app in my experience. Going to test

Hey @Robert_Petitto

I’ve been trying to apply your witty recipe to an inline list which is previously filtered showing “Events” after Today.

The filtering value is written not in the first row, but in the “first row filtered by date” so the Single Value Column get the first row in the sheet, which is blank…

Any idea?

Personally I don’t try to hold values like this in the same sheet where I’m using those values to filter the same data. I feel that using a separate sheet to hold filter values and use that new sheet as your tab, is a better way to go. Separate the data a little bit instead of trying to shove everything in one sheet.


As far as I understood from Robert recipe, in order to get the data to apply the filter it needs to be in the same sheet.


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You can bring that back via a single value column.

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:+1:t3: You’re right!

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This is because your tab has sorting applied. Remove the sorting (which isn’t needed for a details view) and you should be good to go.


Great tutorial as always.
I was literally completing a tutorial for multifilter tutorial on reale estate demo yesterday :man_facepalming:t2: