Use Buttons as Visual Elements with No Action Attached

Is it possible to use a button as a visual element without their actually being an action tied to it?

I like the way the Button Block - Style - Tiles looks just to display some information, but the button disappears if I set the action to “None”.

I currently have it set to “Copy to clipboard”, but it’s kind of a waste of an “Update” if people try to tap on them. Is there any action I can set that doesn’t cost an Update and doesn’t do anything noticeable on the user’s end?

You could use the Shuffle Order action. It won’t do anything if you don’t use any random sorting.

Great, so that won’t use any updates when a user taps on it as long as it’s not actually shuffling something?

It shouldn’t. It’s not a server side function.


On a related note, is there a list of what counts an Update and what doesn’t? Or what is server side and what’s not?

I understand in general, but sometimes I feel like it’s a guessing game of whether or not I’m doing things in the most efficient way as far as updates are concerned.

The general rule is that most computed columns do not incur updates because most computations occur on the users device (client side). This includes relations, lookups, math, etc. Updating basic column data will incur updates because that data is sent to and stored on Glide servers. Columns that involve integrations will explicitly tell you if they include any updates.


Actions that update data in the database or retrieve data from large data sources such as Big Tables will also incur an update.


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