Usage per app

As most of the pricing plan features are per app, it will be great to have a usage breakdown per app.

I believe this is in the works, we just don’t know when.

Most of the pricing plan features are per team —in fact, all of them are, except rows, which are per app.

@david are you sure ?.. this complicates a lot on the business plan I had in mind … if the pricing per private users/public users, updates and storage are / team … then in this case I might not be able to achieve the business plan I want with Glide … can you please let me know for sure how they are ? Thx

For some of those you are right for other is still unclear … like updates, storage etc. are / app ?

Storage and Updates are both Team based.

I can confirm, that the only feature that is per app/page is rows. This is detailed on our pricing page. In the future we hope to show the breakdown of usage per app/page but we do not have plans for this at the moment.

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