URGENT - Sign in link not arriving

I’m trying to sign in but the link is not arriving - I have a client meeting in 30 min to demo the app face to face!

Sign in to where?
The Glide builder?
One of your Apps?

Not sure what you mean by “the link is not arriving” - do you mean the PIN code for sign in to an App?

yeah when I click open glide from the home page and enter my email, it says a link will be send but nothing is arriving

Do you mean this? :point_down:

Are you already signed into your Google Account?
If you are, clicking that should take you straight to the builder, no magic links or anything required.

No google account, the email option

I see. Okay, well I just tested that method, and the email arrived within seconds.

I guess my suggestion would be the usual with this sort of thing - check spam, etc.

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