Urgent - Airtable not syncing

Airtable is not syncing - Glide aborts the job after trying for ~8min to sync.

Background - we have a travel project that gives customized bookings and itineraries to customers. An airtable database contains data on points of interest, hotels, restaurants, etc with individualized price quotes for different customers. We created dummy data that would be reflective of 100 customers and loaded it into Airtable with no issues - around 15k records in total.

Since then, Glide has become unusable. It never synced the data wholly in the first place. We deleted the dummy records to try to get back to baseline, but to no avail - Glide won’t sync the correct (non-dummy) records either. It just times out.

This is a big problem for us and we need urgent support. This is the second sync issue we’ve encountered in the last 5 days and we need support which has not been forthcoming from the ticketing system. Please help us.

My App/Pages Support link:

Describe the bug:
Glide throws an “Oh sheet - Glide could not reload the sheet” or “Glide aborted the sync job” error when attempting to sync Airtable. Screenshot: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Expected Behaviour:
Glide should properly sync data from Airtable.

How to replicate:
Just try to sync Airtable.

It takes too long for Loom’s 5-min limit to get the error, but it’s straightforward - all you have to do is try to sync data from Airtable and it will certainly fail.


Please submit a ticket through the link above.

Hello - I submitted a ticket several days ago but there’s no update.

Can you help me get this fast-tracked please?

Sorry, I’m not a member of the support team so I don’t know how their backlog looks like at the moment.

Hi @Connor_Shepherd

The engineering team is working on your issue.

Thanks for your patience while the team fixes the issue.

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