🆙 Upvote Glide Pages Template

Minimalistic Upvote Glide page that lets anyone create an upvoting platform pertaining to a topic of their choice.

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@Robert_Petitto I actually wanted to create an upvote page yesterday for a side project, and all the websites I looked at were overly complicated! Then I remembered I saw your template and was delighted. I got my upvote page setup in 5 minutes! Thanks for the template.

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You a LoFi listener, too? I love lowfi / chillhop music—makes for excellent background music while working.

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For sure! Going to try to set up a 24/7 stream under the Lofi Traveler brand :shushing_face:



Hi Robert, this is awesome but I have a question. How would you do it to put the button at 0 value on votes when submitting? Cause now when something new is submited it doesn’t appear the button for upvote cause there is no value into the column votes.
Thank you very much in advance.

Ah…interesting. Ya, I guess there should be a on submit > set column action > votes: 0


That’s it! Thanks for the reply. Awesome job Robert!

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@Robert_Petitto Thanks for this template looks well done ! Though I’d like to have the upvote elements sorted by day, like ProductHunt. Each day new items are submitted. Thanks

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I can make that happen. Probably would want to make it an option for the App Builder to turn that on or off…

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That would be sweet thank you !

I’m trying to do it myself but can’t figure it out.

I want to do it by week, and not by day, but should be the same.

I created a “Week” Table with a relationship to my “Things” Table.

But then I don’t understand how to do “a list inside a list”…

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Ah…ya…Glide Pages doesn’t have grouping yet…You’d need to add a new collection per week :unamused:

Oh sh**. DEV DO SOMETHING :rofl: @JackVaughan :kissing_heart:

I’ve brought it up to the Glide team. We’ll see what they say.

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