Upon Submit the form, it adds duplicated rows (twice the same new row ID) to the data sheets

My app’s URL: https://splitit.glideapp.io/
Hi Team,
Thanks a lot for all the videos and tutorials that are shared.
I discovered a bug upon creating a small app to test in my neighborhood to community buy from costco (in china, that s quite a big deal but quantities are too big):

From a form window, the action of “submit” button is to add rows in a destination sheet
(when someone creates a listing, it adds twice the same row, it duplicates the row entry on the sheet bid)
and same someone decides to join the offer, upon submitting the form, it creates a duplicated entry with the same row ID in the destination sheet.

It seems to be a bug, due to duplicated of row ID for this entry…

Are you using an Add Row action on form submit?
If yes, then that will be the cause.
It is not necessary, as a new row is already created when the form is submitted.

PS. You are using this app in China?


I see… Thank you, that was indeed the issue.

We shall see how it goes in China, no local citizen is allowed to have VPN
therefore, none of the google api can be called through local browser…

but within our small expat community, this app might prove to be needed
and most of us we all have VPN on our phone (if not, at home we have)
so we shall see, how it goes, no money is intended to be made, but good advertisement for glide

Anyway, local citizen barely go to costco, mostly businesses go there and then resell on alibaba. SO this app can only target our small community living nearby.

Please let us know how you get on.
From time to time we get people here asking questions about using Glide in China.

You are the alternative to the wechat mini program
And the latter can only be built with a proper Chinese ID registration
But… if no gogol API can be called, and vpn on a citizen phone could land him to jail
This can only be restricted to foreigners or foreign companies that have exemption for google entreprise through their company wifi