Upload File + Automatic Add Row?

Hi Gliders,

I use a file picker (generally excel/csv format) and want the file data to automatically add row on a new table (Google Sheet/Glide Table). Does anyone know how to create such a scenario?

Thanks in advance for your respected response!

Is your File Picker inside a Form (either Add or Edit), or is it on a Details screen?

You can’t trigger an action from a File Picker, so if it’s outside a form then you’ll need a button or some other component that the user can tap/click to trigger an action.

That’s what I mean, @Darren_Murphy… Can I use Add Row action to paste its data from the file column (url format?) to another table? Or, may I need make/integromat for doing this?

Oh, so you want to upload a CSV file, then automagically extract all the data and insert it into a table?

Yes, you’d need to use an integration tool for that.

If it’s just a one off thing, you could use the import function available in the Data Editor.


Yes. I think that integromat should plays its role now :grinning:. Thank you again @Darren_Murphy :+1: :pray: