Automatically add all the rows from a CSV to my data table

I’m creating an app to analyze weight gains by origin for a cattle ranch where we buy cattle from different owners and want to know who has the better cattle for weight gains. To measure the weight we use a weighing machine that gives us a csv file directly to our phone. I want to add those files in my app with the component “file picker”, and to automatically add all the rows of those files to my data table. Which is the simplest way to do it? My data table is a google sheet allocated in my google drive.

One way to do it is with an external service like Make. This way the process is fully automated. If the weighing machine offers an email then below should work. Otherwise you could save the CSV to your GDrive and start the flow from there.

  • Watch email or folder

  • Parse the CSV

  • Array Aggregator

  • Iterate through your items

  • Add rows to GSheet

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Thansk, i will try it

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