Upgrade plan and cancel

i upgraded to starter plan at first,
then canceled it so i can use starter plan for a month
and wouldn’t get charged for next month.
but as soon as i canceled, my plan changed to free plan.
so i had to upgrade to starter plan again.
and now my NEXT PAYMENT ESTIMATE says $50.01 on 2023. 4. 27.
shouldn’t it be $25???
and why plans change immediately??
isn’t it be changed at my next charging date?

When you change plans, the change is effective immediately. If you switch from a higher plan to a lower plan, then (I believe) you should receive a pro-rated credit for the difference.

You can find more details via your Team Billing Dashboard. Refer to the below:

  1. Billing Dashboard
  2. Access to Customer Portal for Billing History (examining this may help explain what happened in your case)
  3. Link to contact Glide Support if you need further clarification.

yeah i needed to contact support for the help but the button was to here not support page or something…

Did investigating the billing history show anything to you?

@DJP can you confirm that downgrading limits should be effective immediately?

Yes, this is the expected behavior.

In addition, when you cancel your plan before the subscription ends, you will receive an account credit for the remaining time on your subscription.

@Name-H, your next payment estimate may show ~$50, but your account should also show a credit of ~$25. See the screenshot below.


No it’s not…
ACCOUNT BALANCE shows $0.01…
I’m so worried if i get charged for $50 for a month…

Please create a Biling inquiry, so our Support team can investigate further: Form