Upgrade Old version

I have an app with the old plan, I get a message that I need to upgrade my app
I duplicated the app and transferred it to a team, after I upgraded my plan to Starter, my question is:
1-should I cancel the old plan
2-is there the possibility of paying annually
3- after updating my plan to Starter, I found that the storage is not enough (my application has 6GB), that means that I have to opt for the Pro plan, which is too expensive for my case
4-can I keep the old version and the old plan
best regards

Ideally and eventually you’ll switch over from an old plan to a new one.

There isn’t.

Not ideal, but you could store the images outside of Glide and point to them. Or you could compress your images.

For now you should be able to keep your old app and old plan, though at one point you will be asked to migrate. As far as I know you don’t need to migrate now, but you’ll need to at one point.


thanks for your response
for question N°3, I find that it’s interesting to store the images outside of Glide,
Is this option possible with Image picker? If yes, how
Best regards

Natively the image picker stores images in Glide. You could probably set up a process to copy the images to an external data source via an API/webhook/integration and then remove the image from Glide. I think it would be a complex setup. Personally I wouldn’t attempt it, but that’s just me.

@MOSSEDDAQ_KHALID you might get inspired by this post where you use an image picker and store the images in cloudinary