Some questions for the GlideApps team

Hey Folks,

As a newbie to the Glide world I have a few questions about upscaling a glide app, hoping someone (from Glide team) would be able to clarify this to help me plan accordingly

a. We know that for the free account what is captured is an alias email and not actual. But the moment we upgrade to pro after say a few months of usage and N number of users on the DB, Will the original email of the already emails on the Db be restored back ?

b. If we are on a pro account and there is a sudden surge in the usage , is there an option to get bandwidth support on per account basis or is there a higher level upgrade possible ? ( I know am thinking too much but still better be aware of such things before on hand )

c. When an image is uploaded to the glide app ( profile pic or actual image etc ) its stored in glide server and there is a limitation of 100mb for pro account it increases to bigger capacity. But if we are building an app which is image/video data heavy, can we get additional storage only ?

d. I presume is a way too much forward thinking question to be answered but still asking, Assuming that MySQL DB support is coming in the near future, would there be a migration facility or option for existing apps from Sheets to MySQL ?

Now finally this is more of a technical question.

If we are building an app which is image or video oriented, is there an option to include a share button which can be used to share “LINK” to external world through say messaging apps (iMessage/Whatsapp/Signal/etc) ? I do see an option of email component but that triggers an email to a profile or an individual who is on the app, but how about sharing a content on the app to external world so that they can view it on their phones too ?

Thanks much in advance :slight_smile:



  • create a button
  • assign an Action “Show sharing options”



That looked pretty obvious. I was searching for a default option to have a “Share” button and literally had scanned the whole component list many times :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton @AyS_0908

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No. “Real” emails will only be collected after you have upgraded and changed the setting. If you want to collect user email addresses prior to this, then you would need to prompt your users to enter them and store in a separate column (you could merge these later after you upgrade).

I don’t believe this is something you need to worry about. The backend infrastructure for Glide apps is managed by Glide, and (afaik) bandwidth isn’t allocated to individual users/apps.