Updating Multiple Rows through a Relationship

I know this has been asked at least once in the Community but I would like to specify my use case and ask if there is any consideration for this feature at some point in the future?

I have a client who places Orders. Each Order can have multiple Products (sometimes 30 or 40 products in an Order).
They then raise a Purchase Order which has a one to one relationship with that Order to their Supplier to order those Products and have them delivered.
I am trying to raise the Purchase Order and then automate the addition of those Order Products to link them to the Purchase Order so that the client does not have to update each order item individually.
I can’t simply set the relationship when I create the Order Items because later in the Order the client might amend the Order, add more products potentially and have to raise another Purchase Order on the same Order.

When I’ve developed this application previously in other platforms its been simple to automate this with an Update query for example.
Surely this is a use case that people must be encountering regularly with Glide and that would benefit from a “Set Multiple Row Values” in an action in the Action Editor?

If this isn’t on the roadmap for development as someone in a previous thread mentioned already can I ask if anyone has figured out a work around as to be honest this is a blocker for me to use Glide in an Enterprise environment.

Thanks in advance for any responses

One way to work around this would be to use the Glide API. Given that you already have a multiple relation to the order items, you could use that to get a Joined List of RowIDs, then send that together with the PO Number through a webhook to Make. Then have Make update them all with an API call.

Edit: Actually, just thinking about this a bit more, why couldn’t you just use a relation + lookup to associate the correct PO number with each item? Perhaps I’m missing something?