Updating fields in an existing table row

I have a user form that add a new row with the few fields I want the user to fill in while I want to use an admin form to 1) view the user input fields and 2) enter data into the admin-only fields. IF the admin data is ALREADY there from a previous update to the row, I want that data to default into the form fields I can update (again if desired). (Also, one of the admin fields is a Boolean slider.)

I tried “set column values in this item,” but (predictably) it just added my admin fields to a new row and left the user data columns empty.

Any hints for me would be greatly appreciated. I’m sure the solution is obvious, but I am still too new.


Are you viewing the rows as a collection?
If so, you can just enable editing and then make it conditional based on user role (eg. Admin only).

You’ll find it under Actions in the Collection configuration.

I was hoping to create a form to arrange what I want to see and where to make things easier. Is that a waste of time? I want to be able to see some of the template fields, for example, to remind me what range my scores need to follow. My tutorial series I have been following assumes no partial credit, and I need to be able to enter scores based on quality.

Do you mean the editing form?
You can customise that. Glide will give you a default set of components on the form screen, but you can add or remove components as you wish.

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Where do I find that?

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Thanks, Jeff!

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  1. I don’t get the relationship between a form on a detail screen and an edit screen.

  2. I worked up a screen and detail view that is for admin only.

  3. Just using a normal form on the detail screen (that the normal user doesn’t have access to) to update the fields I want seems to work, except I can’t figure out how to stop replacing the original user’s email on the updated record with my own.

  4. Also, I don’t have anything in my toolkit called a floating button. Maybe because I am still on a free account?

I think the problem is that you keep calling a detail screen a form. A detail screen is a screen for displaying an active record. A form is for adding new records or editing existing ones. While you can add entry components to a detail screen, it is different from an Edit form. Making changes on a Detail screen will update a record in real time as you are making changes. Forms on the other hand, hold changes in a temporary state until or Submit or Cancel the changes. There is also the concept of Custom Forms, which means you use a detail screen as if it’s a form, but more complicated to set up.

The important part is to first understand which kind of screen you are talking about. A Detail screen, Add Screen, Edit screen, or Form screen.

Like I stated above, Form and Details screens are very different in how they work. I feel that you are confusing the two.

Floating buttons do not exist in in New Apps. That is only something that is available in Classic Apps, which you may not have access to if you are a new user.

Ok, I think I understand a little better.

I want/have an admin-only menu option that produces a filtered list of only “missions” that need graded by the admin. When the admin clicks on one of these, it goes to a screen that should display some of the record’s existing information AND provide the admin a place to complete the admin-only fields.

I have that.

My immediate problem is that when (logged in with my admin account) complete the admin-only fields, they write back to the original record properly, but the record’s original submitter’s “signature” (email address) gets replaced with mine, so the record looks like I was the one who made the request in the first place. I need to figure out how to leave the user id (email address) from getting overwritten when I submit the form on the detail page.

That make a little more sense?

Can you share some screenshots showing how you have everything set up?

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