Updating a single cell value in multiple rows all at once

I have an approval field (true/false) for each task performed by an employee.
The manager is the only one who can check the approval box.
They must currently do it one task at a time.

Is there anyway for the manager to check all the approval boxes in one action via some ‘approve all’ button on the screen?

I know how to filter so only all unapproved tasks are visible, for a given employee, grouped by date, but how to automatically update a single field in each row to the same value?

I don’t know how you’re structuring your data, but you can use a single value column for that.

The structure is very simple: Date, TaskName, EmployeeName, ApprovalFlag (true/false)

How to allow an approver to set all ApprovalFlags for a specific user on a specific date to true?

Right now they have to click each task in the app one at a time and set the approval to true

The checklist layout would make it easier without having to go into the details of each task. Still not an all-at-once option. I think something like that would require a google script of some sort to set all flags to true/false based on a master value.

Have you tried IF ELSE THEN column?

In one of my App, I created two different Columns, one picks up value from individual “Switch Button” and another is picking it from “Group Switch Button”. So it will work in both ways.

If user want to approve individual task, then user will click “Individual Switch” and if user wants to approve all then, “Group Switch” can be used.

Condition will be set up like this.
IF “Group Switch” is TRUE, THEN “Final Switch” should be TRUE, ELSE value of “Individual Switch”.

I am sorry if I could not explain this properly. I hope this might help.