Updates - what exactly was?

is there any posibility to know, what exactly was updated? (like a history)

i exceed limits, but go to PRO is out of reason (not commercial app).
so need to understand what was made in history line, to cut some not important.

and also is important to undestand: how to avoid hostile behavior of user, that spend a lot of updates? (not sure that it’s my case, need a proof)

Unfortunately, no.

The best advice I think I can give is to study the below document, and think about how it might apply to your App:


I guess the most common thing that might contribute to a large update count is the use of User Specific Columns when used with custom filters, and to a lesser extent - custom forms. If you use either of those in your App, there is a chance they might be a contributing factor.

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just a think/question about sequence:
in app added a row = 1 update
it’s sync to google sheet = 0 update
in google sheet appear data in column with arrayformula = 1 updates in case of sync from google to glide. right?

other case: in google sheet with a lot of data we made a new column with arrayformula - how much updates it take? just one or it will be equal a cuantity of rows?

That will just be one update each time it syncs.

You might want to consider replacing your array formula with Glide Computed Columns.

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Good video! get some idea.
but it can’t replace all formulas in google.
as i understand: if in google appear just one formula - then doesent matter how many they exist. 1 or 10 - all sheet calculated once and it mean 1 sync to glide.

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