Updates quota per app or combined?

While Glide’s UI/Functionationalities appeal to me more, the update quotas keep me away at Jot forms / similar offerings.

10k per month > ~300 per day > ~6 per pvt user per day

Every time you and I open an application, I am sure our engagement with it is more than 6 actions. Is my fear of running our update quota very soon correct?

The Updates quota is for all apps combined in the same team folder.

How many users do you expect to have? Will they use multiple apps in the same folder?

I am afraid a single app would hit 10k. Eg: you too suggest operations management as a use case. Now that will always have some amount of definite usage with staff processing n number of orders daily. If a staff member processes as few orders that it leads to only ~6 activities on the app per day, we would never make money. You can do similar math for something like a delivery app consisting of 30 riders and 300 orders. Currently, we either use jot forms or have built apps for these as that not only comes out to be economical but also has a scope for budgeting. With Glide, we keep wondering what our costs ultimately will be.

Don’t confuse them,they can’t change anything for you alone.

They itself keep on changing things.please if you don’t keep your orders under some plan,go for some other or go for better plan.

This is what they give you,plan accordingly.

Thank you.