Glide updates - what counts and how to get around?

Got this message. Can anyone tell me the precise definition of an update, please? The problem, is that you don’t realise these limits until you’re way down the development path.

Also, there is such a huge difference between the “starter” and “pro” pricing, this makes it unaffordable, are there any alternative solutions? Are there ways of reducing the updates by clever design?

Surely we should be able to buy bolt-ons, to say upgrade certain elements of the current plan?

Any help appreciated.

That’s an awful lot of syncs, comparative to everything else - what is your Data Source?
You also have a lot of edits compared to adds. Are you using custom forms and/or custom filters? Or anything that uses User Specific columns heavily? These are the types of things that can eat into your update quota.

More information below:

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thanks. Looks like I am royally stuffed. I am in the middle of registering for a sports league. This is going to totally disrupt the whole process.
It’s recommending using forms, then submit, by I didn’t design it like this, the user is updating the data items individually.
Surely there needs to be some appeal process or fair warning, not just switching it off. That feels like blackmail. I’ve no time to redevelop.