Update input after generation

Hey folks ,

Whats the best way to update a column entry after the fact.

For example , I have generated a summary for a topic using computed ai column. But now I want the user to be able to adjust the reading level of this i.e 5th grade level to be updated to 10th grade reading level.


Do you mean you want to update the prompt you used initially? Do you use 5th grade as a base?

If it’s the case, you can have a user-specific input for the grade level, and reference it in your prompt.

User should be able to choose the reading level before generating the summary or be able to change it afterward

Yeah then I think it still applies. You can have a choice component to point to that column, and reference it in your prompt.

Forgive me , what would that look like in the columns or which columns to use?

Choice component for the different grade options…A template prompt? Or would that Message to chatgpt(no history comlumn) wokr?

Choice component for the options, then you use a template prompt to reference that choice.

Finally, whatever you’re using for the AI part, feed the prompt to it to get a new answer.

So here’s my column set up currently.

User can select “topic introduction” to generate text. They can then choose the Student Level ie 6th Grade and this should update the original generated prompt.

Am I missing something here?

Your prompt is still not using that Student level at all. The prompt is still static, so changing the student level is not modifying the prompt, so it’s not going to have any bearing on the AI response.

The template should be dynamically modifying the prompt. Instead you are trying to use a template to modify the AI response. That response most likely has nothing to replace so the template probably isn’t doing much of anything right now.

It’s the prompt that needs to become dynamic from a template column.

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So what would need to be changed? If I change the system prompt to the template I get an error

Sorry, I haven’t used any of the AI stuff. But, what’s the error?

To be clear, you are not trying to use the existing template created from the AI response as the prompt correct? That wouldn’t make sense. The template should contain your original prompt, along with a replacement for the grade level.

Glide cannot make this change because it would introduce the following cycle of dependencies in your columns:

Notes/New Column →
Notes/Teacher_topic_introduction →
Notes/New Column

i guess because it cant complete the loop like this

It’s cyclic because you are trying to use a response to build a prompt to build a response to build a prompt etc. etc. etc.

Build the correct prompt the first time and you will get the correct response. Don’t mess with the response. Mess with the prompt, And the response will change accordingly.

To put it a different way with an analogy…If I ask you a question and you give me an answer that I’m not happy with, I respond by asking a better question. I don’t take your answer and inject my own words into it. My question is the prompt and your answer is the response.


If I’m following all this correctly, you should be setting the Grade selection in a user specific column, which feeds into the template, which in turn is used in the AI Prompt.

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You’ve got a way with words @Darren_Murphy That worked as expected.

Not the first time you’ve helped me out. Much appreciated.

Cheers @Jeff_Hager also.

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P.S Glide community is one of the best. No doubt about it

Good to hear that it worked.

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