Adding dynamic text in a text block

One feature I would love to see is the ability to embed dynamic text into a static textblock.

If some example I want to write a custom prompt that uses data from my tables to complete the prompt I will be able to get a lot more granular.

A workaround I see at the moment is to use formulas to create the prompts, but i think there are a few use cases where being able to add dynamic text in actions and components would be great

When you say dynamic, what do you mean when utilizing your example?

You can create template columns that by nature are dynamic and in your OpenAI Prompt you just select the template column.

Such as: “Please summarize the following information and tell me about trends: X” where X is filled by another column’s data that can vary row by row.


yeah, what @Joe_Gabriele said. :point_up_2:

Or are you asking for something different?
If you are, can you please explain further. Because as written, it sounds like you’re asking for something that already exists.

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That actually worked nicely! I didn’t know about the template column! Thanks Joe

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