Prompt constructor for ML app

Hey, working on some ML app.

Idea is to create buttons with useful words for prompt as tip for customer(e.g. “gothic style”, “colourful”, etc)

Above will be the wide Text Entry where customer also can type his prompt and by clicking the buttons the text will be added to prompt.

How to implement that?
Add text to Text Entry by clicking the buttons.

I tried to use Set column values, but it really Set the values and can’t update…
Might it could be implemented like Set Column Value, prompt = ${prompt} + “_” + ${button_label}… smith like that

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You won’t be able to do it inside of a form, but if you are on a detail screen, then you kind of can. What you would do is have a column to hold the prompt, and another column to hold the label. Then you will need a custom action on each button. The first action will set the appropriate label in the label column based on the button that was pressed. The next action would set the prompt column based on the template column value. You may or may not need a Wait action in between those two actions. I’m thinking not, but keep it in mind if the template doesn’t get set fast enough before the second action overwrites the prompt column.

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How is it going with the Prompt Constructor?
I want to create something like this for my Midjourney prompts.
There is a site that does it perfectly but I want more styles, cameras, etc.:

I’m not sure why you guys make it complicated… maybe I do not understand the purpose…
But it should be easy to use text entry and template column to add text entry to a base text… and button to replace base text and clear text entry.