UPC code in Google sheet

Hello Sheet Experts,

I am trying to create a Glide searchable field for UPC code in Sheets. When I use the number or text format, Google removes any preceding zeros ( example: 025293600713 becomes 25293600713) . Can anyone suggest how can I format the cell to avoid this and still remain searchable in Glide.

your help is appreciated

It may have to be formatted as text in the Google sheet. Or custom number format to include a leading zero. I know in Excel there’s a setting to allow leading zeros just not sure where it would exist in GSheet.

You can enter them with a ’ in front of the number to easily enter them as text and retain the leading zero.

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yes this works in google sheets

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Use a helper column to convert numbers into text with leading zeros.

=text(cell, "0000000")

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Thanks @shchc and Amit @sardamit. Both the solutions work and I’ll be using both. @Glider thanks for chiming in and responding. Much appreciated!


The old trick since 1995 when I discovered it using Excel is to put an Apostrophe (β€˜) before the number:

00344 should be β€˜00344
0233 β€”> β€˜0233
000003,67 β€”> β€˜000003,67

With it, Excel and GS will handle the value as a text automatically without any column format set previously.

Saludos @S_C

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Thanks @gvalero