Handling Numerics when adding rows

I have two apps (related) using Google Sheets.

One has an issue with Numerics starting with 0 (zero) in that, despite the column being formatted as text the leading zero is stripped from mobile numbers and other numerics starting with zero and the formatting of those cells in th enew row is set to numeric, not text.

The problem does not exist in the second app. The only difference is the app without the problem has 1000 rows and only about 100 populated rows so the entire column is formatted. The second adds a new row at the bottom and only populated rows are present. I tried adding additional rows as in the other sheet but then new rows are added after the last empty row.

Rows are being added by a Jotform integration in both sheets. Jotform indicates formatting is controlled by Google Sheets.

Any idea why one sheet adds new rows after the last populated row in one sheet despite their being 1000 rows while the other one adds after the last row if I add extra blank rows?

It likely means there’s an arrayformula somewhere that makes the Sheet API thinks 1000 rows are populated, so it starts writing from 1001 onwards.

Thanks. That is the problem. Can’t live without array formulae so will have to devise a way to reformat numbers so they don’t lose the zero

All I had to do was place an input mask in the jotform with spaces so #### ### ### for phone and it is treated as text keeping the leading 0

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