Unwanted glyph showing when using column on form

When passing a value (price) through the column feature in forms, the value added to another tab is the price (-500) plus a single quote before '. This makes it that the total can’t be calculated because the result is '-500

I’ve made sure to have the columns formated as numbers.

Anyone has encountered this?

I don’t have a problem in my demo app, but I’m also not using negative numbers. What if you keep your number positive, but use math in the sheet to treat it as a negative? Maybe it’s a bug??? I know the glyph serves a purpose and is intentional for some reason, but I’m not sure why off the top of my head.

I would also never rely on setting column formatting in the sheet. They don’t always stick and they having no bearing on how glide works.
It’s intended to be a database to store data.

Thank you @Jeff_Hager I’ll try that