Unread comments of a post

Does anyone have a way to show unread comments. On top, or in a inline list…

So you have a post like News where you can add a comment with the comment component.

But comments are logged in an invisible table.

How can you show in which news-item a visitor has unread comments?! (while using a glide table for the news items)

Hola @Sidney_Kunst

Would this help?

No, these are the posts. Here want to show an “unread” notice on the posts.

When you open it, it shows a screen with comments.

The problem is I used a glide table for the posts. I can’t relate this to the invisible log in the spreadsheet.

I guess i have to rebuild the glide table to a spreadsheet table. Because I cant convert or duplicate the table :slightly_frowning_face:

With a spreadsheet table a can lookup the invisible comments log and build the function. I just hoped someone did it with glidetables

if you want to have a “Not Read” tag or something, take a look at this post. So you have an idea on how to do it.

I’m leaving my idea here to see if it helps. You don’t necessarily need to convert this to Google Sheets.

Your comments are writing to the App: Comments sheet. To make it visible to Glide, use an Arrayformula like.

={'App: Comments'!A:Z}

This will copy the data to another sheet and make it a table in Glide, of course this comes at the expense of a lot more rows.

Next, assuming your comment has a relation to the post by the post’s row ID, create a multiple relation from the Post sheet to the Comments sheet, return the latest timestamp of comments.

In the inline list of your post, add an action that sets the “current timestamp” to a user-specific column whenever your users views a post.

If the “last visit” is before the latest comment timestamp then that post can be marked as “with unread comments” or something along those lines.


Yeah, I thought of some flow like this, so no glide table’s sollution :stuck_out_tongue: I’m going to duplicate the table to a google table. After that I can do a lookup inside google sheets to the comments tab.

Too bad I can’t copy all the computed columns of the glide table to the google sheet (in glide) :sob:

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