Unhide Email Collection on Glide Pages

Hello everyone. I need your help.

Is it possible to collect real email (not anonymous) on a free plan? Since I don’t see the option to collect real email on Glide Pages privacy setting.

Kindly let me know. Thank you~

No. Collecting real email addresses is a paid feature, unless you have the user re-enter their email into a separate column after they have signed into the app.

I would not recommend overwriting the email column that is part of your user profile table and filled with the anonymous email. Doing that can cause problems.


Well noted. It’s really helpful. Thanks!

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I think glide pages always collect the real email address, I don’t think we have implemented anonymous emails for pages yet


I have tried sign in using another email address, and when I want to collect the email, the domain changed to anonymous.appuser.io.

Is there any way for me to fix this @david ? Since @Jeff_Hager mentioned that I have to upgrade to paid feature.

Attached are the screenshots: GLIDE - Google Drive

Thank you