Understanding workflow for claiming an offer/coupon

I’m trying to determine the best way for a user to claim an offer from my community app and redeem in-store at a business.

A barcode/QR code won’t be necessary as not all businesses will utilize a POS. In my mind, on the business listing, I would have a button where the user could claim the offer. The button would lead to a form which I could gather required information (name, email etc.). Once submitted, the user would receive an email with the claimed offer for redemption at the business.

I’m looking for solutions as to how to send the redeemed offer without having to manually process each request. Any and all options/suggestions are appreciated. I’m not dead set on the workflow listed above, that’s just the process that I initially worked out.

Thanks in advance!

Is it a fixed coupon or do you generate one for every new redeem?

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Fixed with an expiration date.

If you have a specific screen for each offer, you can have a form writing the customer’s name, email and write the redeem code alongside expiration date to another sheet.

Filter visibility to the user in an inline list, let’s put it somewhere in the app that the signed-in user can see, and only show codes that have not expired.

Would it work?

That’s not a bad idea. I could almost have a section once signed in that has “my redeemed coupons” or something along those lines. The user could redeem on the individual listing page, but could then see all their redemption’s in one place. I’m not currently requiring or asking for a sign-in so I would need to figure out that hurdle. Good insights, thanks for replying!

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