Lemonade Stand

My Kids Are Making A Lemonade Stand!
I was thinking of making an app where when someone signs up they get a free lemonade coupon!
I tried to start but it is kinda confusing… Pls Help

Have a triggered script to send a email with a coupon to new sign in user with his row ID number… or easiest way, just to have a boolean column in users sheet to mark if user picks up he’s free lemonade

Ok… Just wanted to ask if i missed anything in the template store… Is there a template that would be useful in this topic?

I have no idea… this is a very simple task… so probably not

I would make a QR code with link to the app, print it and put on the table with lemonades… customers just scan it… sign in and will have cupon for a free drink


This is possible. During onboarding set the “free lemonades earned” column to 1 using a set column. Then, if this column is 1 or more, they have coupon tab that displays the coupon. They can present it at the lemonade stand, then your kids can find the user on their side and deduct the “earned” column by 1 as part of the transaction thereby removing the coupon?