Understanding row limits

Hi @Jeff_Hager and all,
Reviving a discussion from this closed topic:

Here’s our use case:
building a CRM app. The app will log, for example:

  1. All clients and their contact details (one row per client)
  2. Leads that didn’t pan out (one row per dead lead)
  3. Actions taken per client/lead (one row per activity)
  4. Meetings with clients (one row per meeting)

Looking at another app we have (not on Glide) I can see that only Actions (point 3 above) can reach 50K within 1-2 years. However, there’s a huge portion of those actions that relate to inactive client or dead leads. This means 99,9999% of the app users will NOT access these records (=rows).
Will the app still load all of these rows each time a user logs into the app?
This 25K limit, although a soft limit, isn’t very scalable. This is even more true when looking at the millions of cells a Google Sheet can hold. I’m sure I’m not understanding something, probably around the counting of rows that aren’t accessed by any user.
Help anyone?

Row Owners notwithstanding, yes.

Agreed. I have an app that’s currently sitting at about 32k rows. I aggressively archive stuff (most of my tables only have the past 6 months of data), but it’s still growing by 1-2k rows per month. The app still works, but it can be veerrryyyy slow to load - especially on older android devices. I’m aware that Glide are working to address this scalability issue, but I have no idea about timelines. I just have my fingers crossed that they get there before my app implodes :pray: :rofl:

oh, one thing I forgot to add. I think the current row limit is more about how much data a client device can handle before it starts to run out of memory (this would explain why older devices struggle with very large apps). So to address this issue, what Glide will need to do is switch to some sort of client-server or lazy loading model. And I believe this is the way they are heading.


That’s not very feasible on the long term… :frowning:
Did you try this solution with REST API?

I feel like a fool. Building rather complex apps yet to be published. I am now considering to not publish them as they will simply grind to a halt after a few months. I honestly didn’t grasp before that Glide is aimed for small apps :sob:

I take a more optimistic view. I’m fairly confident that the day will come (and it won’t be that far away) when the the 25k limit will be a thing of the past. The Glide Data Grid easily scales to millions of rows. I seriously doubt that they built that with the intention of only ever supporting 25k rows :wink:

True, but hasn’t it been “in the works” for long enough?
I mean, Glide has been around for more than two weeks and this issue is still here, even after their various major updates.

Perhaps someone from Glide could put our minds to rest on this?
@david @Mark @SantiagoPerez ?

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Anyone out there?
I asking very seriously: should I avoid using Glide for projects that are expected to exceed the 25K rows limit?

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