Unable to see pro features or rename app

My app’s URL: https://egwzt.glideapp.io/

I am going pro but don’t see ability to change Made by Glide to custom. The old one is gone, but how do you add your own Made by dev name?

Also, I don’t recall ever having the chance to pick a name for my app and appear to be stuck with “egwzt” instead of my preferred “marathon” or “asphaltrepair”.

Have I gone blind, or am I being punished for suggesting the need for random names weeks ago, so we don’t run out? Ha.

You cannot insert your own “made by ______” on the app menu or launch screen yet.

You can change your link in Share App and your app name in Settings.

Thanks. I must have dreamt the “Made by Me” future feature, and never suspected that the app name link Settings would be in the Share section.

Now I’m wondering how serious a url name change is. Pretty serious it seems.

Does the old link immediately stop working? Apparently so.

Do I need to notify everyone of the new url before they can log in and use the app again? It looks that way.

Everyone should give serious consideration to any name changes and attempt to come up with a final app name right from the start. I’d even suggest this be stressed in the documentation if it isn’t already.