Unable to Filter on Computed Column

I’m trying to filter visibility based on a computed column in my table. There is definitely data showing in the column but the filter (which shows data when the column has data), is not working.

I understand that computed columns can’t be set as row owners, but I thought it was possible to use computed columns for visibility filters. Am I missing something?

What kind of computed column? What’s not working?

Hey Jeff.

I have a column in my table that looks up the owner of the row (which is contained in a column called “owner”) and pulls in the email of who that owner has “shared” their data with from the main Users table. So the computed column contains emails of these “sharees”. I want the filter to look at that computed column and display only if the contents matches the logged in user’s email. In other words, I want the data to display only if the logged in user is the “sharee”.

Does that make sense?

If you are relating to a table that is under row ownership, then the user will only see related rows that they own. If they don’t own the row, then they have no way to access it…even through a relation.

The row has two row owner columns (called owner and sharee), so this user should have access to the data because of the latter. I’m actually trying to use the filter to hide the data in certain circumstances.

Aha I’ve got you now! You’re referring to the data I’ve pulled in. Understood, that now makes sense. Thank you - I’ll try and find another way…

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