Row owner column. How to make common rows?

Hi, please help me with advice about row owner column.

I have a table with purchases categories.
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My goal is to make the first three categories (food, education, car) available for all users. And all other categories have to be available only for the users who created them.

Now if I leave the Email column empty - no one can see the row. But if I add email - rows become visible only for the row owner. I don’t know how to solve this problem. Thanks for the advice!

Do you have to use Row Owners in this case? Could you use a filter instead, where the filter would check if the email is empty or if the the email is the signed in user email?

Thanks for the advice!
I’m new to Glide, so I apologize if my question is stupid. The fact is that I use categories on many screens and forms of the application. Do I need to set up a filter on each of these screens and forms? Or I can set up a filter in the table?

Yes, you would have to set up the filters anywhere you need them on each screen. You could possiblity pull it off in the table with a Query or an IF column that only returns a value depending on the user, but either way you’d still have to find everywhere that category table is being used and make a change on each screen.

Generally I use Row Owners when the data in that particular table needs to be secure. If data security is not as much of an issue, then I’ll use filters.

You can accomplish what you want with Row Owners, but that would involve also using Roles and assigning the same role to all users, so your row owner column would contain either a role or an email. It’s more work to set up honestly, and not worth it if you can get away with just using filters. Also eats into your Roles if you need them later for something else.


@Jeff_Hager Thanks for the advice! But I still don’t understand how to do this. Different screens have different source-tables. So how can I filter a screen which have another source-tables (not Categories)?
For example: I have Purchase screen (collection of purchases). User can add purchases, for each purchase he have to select a category. I want user sees only three general categories (food, education, car) and the categories he created?

If this is a choice component then you would filter the choice component. It would not matter which table the screen is attached to. You filter the component, not the screen.


@Jeff_Hager Thank you very much! No, thank you VERY, VERY, VERY, much! I wasn’t good enough at Glide to understand your advice right away. But I re-read it 5 times. And then I re-read it 5 more times. And I GET IT!!! It really works! Thanks for the advice and for patience!

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