Using Row ID with some universal rows

Hi, when I was filtering by @Owner, but @Owner was not a Row Owner, I was able to allow users to see a row if their @Email matched @Owner or if @Owner “Is Empty”

Now that I have implemented Row Owners, I would still like this functionality. But with Row Owner, Glide won’t let the row get anywhere near the device to allow filtering.

Any thoughts? Should I add this as a feature request? I realize that an ADMIN users would need to have the capability to clear the @Owner to make a row “universal”, but that’s what I was doing before anyway.

I get what you are asking, and I agree that this would be be useful.

You can already (effectively) do this using roles. ie. you could have a “Staff” role and assign this role to every user. Then for any record you want public, you could make “Staff” the owner. This option is only available however, if you have a private pro app.

btw… is this a typo?

That threw me at first until I realised that you probably meant Row Owner where you have Row ID :wink:


Yes, I cannot use Roles, unfortunately.