Is it possible to show "Row Owner" and rows with "NO Row Owner"?

Ok, so I am not sure if this is possible or not but hoping someone can help.

For Data:
I have a “Users” table and a “Jobs” table (from Airtable).
*For “Users” - I have all my user information. Email assigned as “row owner”.
*For “Jobs” - I have all the jobs. This includes jobs assigned to different users, along with jobs not assigned to any user (yet). The jobs are eventually linked to users in the “Users” table, which has a lookup for the users email to assign as “row owner”.

For my Glide Pages:
I have “My Jobs” and “Available Jobs”.
*For “My Jobs” - The linking of the “row owners” works great and shows data as I expect.
*For “Available Jobs” - I would like to see ONLY the jobs with “NO Row Owner” assigned, so the user can sign up.

I understand I can remove “row owners”, then use the “Options” on the page to set the “Visibilty” conditions, but I am trying to make it more secure so the users device only downloads their rows along with the empty row. That way the device doesn’t download other users rows to the device, even though they wouldn’t be shown on the front end.

I appreciate the help! Thanks!

Are you saying that you are assigning row owners to a computed lookup column? That won’t (shouldn’t) work, and in fact Glide shouldn’t let you do that. If that is what’s happening, then that’s a bug.

…or, is this linking and lookup happening inside AirTable?

That’s not really possible. Once you assign a Row Owner, then each device will only download data that the signed in user “owns” - ie. where the value in one of the row owner columns either matches their email address, or a role they have been assigned. If the Row Owner column/s is/are empty, then no devices will see the data in that row.

Actually, just thinking about this a bit more, I guess what you could do is create a role - let’s call it “Default” - and assign that role to every user. Then create an extra Row Owner column in your Jobs table and set that to “Default” for all available jobs. This would make them available to all users. Then when a user claims a job, you could clear the value in that column.

Just be aware that this approach would make every signed in user be counted as a Private User. Which may or may not be an issue, depending on which level plan you have.

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Hi Darren,

Correct - The this linking and lookup happening inside AirTable?

Yeah, it seems the “Role” would work and I could apply some logic/formula in Airtable to show “Default” when nobody is assigned. But, like you mentioned it would require private users.