Visibility or filter data

how do you filter the data display, which can only see the person who input it or that means the person who is currently logged in

When a user is submitting the data have it set a column for something unique to that user, like email. Then filter the list by user - email is email. That will filter the list to show items added by that user only.

The filter is not secure so if that’s an issue use Roles

Rather than Roles, you can instead use Row Owners, which will still be secure. Roles are only useful if subsets of multiple users need to access the same row. If only one user needs access to the row, then applying row owners to the email column would be sufficient.

Ah ok! Think I might rewatch Robert Pettito’s video about Row Owners


This is a good way to explain Roles. Roles is such a misnomer—I think…does it come from somewhere else in the database world? Roles, to me, should be named something like “group access”.

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In the database world, role more or less signifies who has access to maintain and modify the database. Something like Owner, Admin, SecurityAdmin, Users with only read access, or read/write access. Or like your school, you probably have IT people that have higher roles than others to make changes to computer equipment. At my work, we have different domain user types. Systems and Security, which have the most authority and can do pretty much anything, Programmers which may have elevated authority, and Users that can only use their computers, but can’t modify them or install anything that’s not approved. That authority (or Role) determines what we are allowed to do on our computers, or who can access certain servers, and things like that.

When I think of Roles in Glide, I tend to think along the same lines. If I used them, I would probably have SuperAdmin which is god-like, Admin which could have access to almost anything in the app, UserEdit which would allow users to edit certain things, and UserRead which would only allow user to view data. I currently use pseudo roles just to control who can do what in my app, but if I also needed to control who can access certain data, then I would utilize Roles with Row Owners. In some cases, you could make them one in the same.

That’s how I view it, but Roles in glide can be kind of fluid. In glide, I think roles are more focused towards row ownership for groups of people instead of individuals, so in that sense, “group access” makes sense. But it could also be used for authority. Something like Admin and User authority. I think a common case I see in glide is someone who needs a group of administrators that can access everything, but a User can only access their own rows. In that case, it would be a mix of User Emails and Admin Roles to control row ownership.

OK, that was a bit of a ramble.


Yeah, I use roles a lot.

And I use them both as a security feature (row owners), and also for CRUD control.

For example, I often have a series of Owner columns in a Google Sheet that look like so:

CleanShot 2023-02-10 at 08.36.57

But at the same time, I’ll have a table that defines permissions for each role in terms of Create/Read/Update/Delete…

Same Role column in the User Profile, used for two different purposes :slight_smile:


A tutorial on this would be awesome.

can i get the tutorial, i have tried and it doesn’t work :frowning: