Filtering Choice component by computed column

Hello! I’m trying to filter a Choice Component using a math column, but it’s not working. What I really want to do is create a simple inventory quantity calculator and exclude items with zero quantity from selection. Next to the math column I have a numeric column with seed quantities, and if I try to filter on that column manually by changing the seed quantities, it works correctly. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Can you elaborate a bit on the math column?
Specifically, does it use values from any other tables?
And if yes, do any of those tables have row owners applied anywhere?

Hi Darren_Murphy thanks for your prompt response!
The math column calculates the inventory balance based on daily sales volume. In turn, the sales amount is summed from the sales that are retrieved from the sales table through the relay component. In the sales table, the user’s email address is row owner. All tables have a row ID column.

Okay, so my guess is that Row Owner column in the Sales table is what’s tripping things up.
You can confirm that temporarily removing it, and see it that changes anything.

Yes, Darren_Murphy you are right! Now it works. It remains only to find out whether there will be negative consequences in other places after the removal of the Row Owner from Email
Thanks a lot for your help!

The effect of Row Owners is that each users device will only get those rows that the signed in user “owns”. This is why your math column wasn’t working. It’s a computed column, which means that the result is evaluated locally on each users device, and because each user gets a different set of rows, then each user gets a different result.

Removing it means that each user gets all rows. That’s normally only an issue if there is sensitive/private data involved. One side effect of removing it that you might need to check is if you were relying on Row Owners to filter rows, that won’t work any more. So you might have to add some “email is signed in user” filters.

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Thank you one more time Darren_Murphy! I already see it and started to add additional filters.

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