Unable to connect on my app after modify my user email

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To make it a little easier I link you the conversation I just had with the Glide Support AI :

To resume it again :
My Users table is a Airtable table, directly on Airtable I modified the email of one of my user, when I tried to connect with this email i got a error saying me that i reached the monthly limit of private user for my free plan. So directly on Airtable again i modify this user to give it back is original email and tried to connect with it, I successed to connect but I was on a “wrong” user, a empty one with just my email but nothing else (no name, no any other informations), not the one i have on my Airtable table for sure.

My sugestion is that when I change email of a user on Airtable, Glide consider it as a new user (so that why i got the error limit message). And so the user i had with the original email is the one who dont exist anymore on my Airtable base (because for Glide this user is a new one even if it as the same email).

Anyone know how would i be able to fix that and connect again with my original email on the good user without having to wait the monthly reset ? Thank in advance !

Try going to Settings → Data → Delete User Data, and delete the data of the email address that shouldn’t have access to the App.

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Well, without touching anything, I dont have this problem anymore, when I connected to my app this morning with my original email Glide connected me to the good account, the one I have on Airtable. It really weird and I dont really understand how the problem got fixed alone, but its fixed. Thanks for the help anyway Darren_Murphy !

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