UI Idea to switch between active and archived records

So I just switched from Glide apps classic to the new Glide apps.

I have a collection component with a list of items the user uses to build different products. I ideally don’t want the user to delete these items but instead archive them, so they don’t accidentally mess up any relations.

However before in in the mobile version simply used to use a choice component set to segmented, but seems this option is no longer there. I guess I could use a button block but it looks very clunky.

I wonder what other people would do?

You can still use a Choice component to filter inline lists. You also have the option to use the built in filter set to an Archive or Active column

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Two ideas:

  • In the collection, you could set a collection item action. In fact you could set multiple single actions such as Edit and Archive.

  • On the Detail Screen of the item, on a title component, you could set an Archive action.

In both cases, since you wouldn’t be deleting rows (which would be the Delete Row action), you would use the Set Column Values action. In a Date basic column you could call ArchiveTimestamp or ArchiveDateTime, you could set the current date when the action is run. Empty would indicate not archived, not empty would indicate both archived and the timestamp (maybe useful for sorting or analyzing further).

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@Joe_Gabriele and @nathanaelb thanks for your inputs. I’m more looking for visual ideas how to have my users switch between archived and unarchived item. Like fx a floating button with a bin on, to indicate that thats where the archived items live.

Floating buttons are not in Glide Apps (formerly Pages), for now.

I think Joe’s suggestion would work, you can just have the same choice component on your screen and show/hide collections with filters based on that. It’s the closest thing we have now.

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