Inline list component on glide pages

I try to migrate a glide app to glide pages but I need inline list component and I didn’t find it on glide pages component. Is there an other way to acced it or there is a chance they reintegrate it in the futur ?

It’s called “Collections” now.

Thank you, I saw that but I only found list but I’m looking for Inline list and it doesn’t appear.

What’s the exact feature of “inline list” that you’re looking for? Collections function the same way.

In fact I had an old classic app and I would like to update but I used an Inline list with CSS in Rich Text but I just saw it’s now impossible to put CSS in glide…
what a pity !
Thanks for taking time to respond to me

It’s still possible, but only on a Business/Enterprise plan.

Ok Thanks. If I keep my apps in classic mode I wouldn’t have any problems ? it won’t stop working ?
Business plan is too expensive for my use

It will continue to work for the foreseeable future, but probably not indefinitely. I expect that Glide will eventually stop supporting them, but it’s probably some way off before that happens.
A downside of Classic Apps is they will not get any of the newer features that are being released. For example, none of the new integrations are available for Classic Apps.

Custom Collections allow for a lot of flexibility in design. You can add rich text with html if you have specific design in mind for your list.

In fact I used CSS to make more column because 4 columns for the grid is not enough for my project. the 4 column limitation is the only thing that forces me to use the css.

we really need the same styled inline lists in classic apps in order to upgrade our apps to the new glide apps. none of the collections can replace the old inline list design.

Screenshot 2023-06-12 13.56.54

This is what I would like to be able to do again after updating

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You would need a business plan or higher to use CSS in new apps.

HTML can only take you so far… especially if you want to click on each square… I think CSS is the only way

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That’s what I thought, unfortunately I’m just making an application for my personal use, I don’t plan to make money with it and the business plan is really too expensive for my use. thanks anyway

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