How can I add a filter like this on top of a Glide App (Pages) when using a list-collection ?
I find only an in-app-filter with the stripes icon…



Hi, yes, you can :

  1. create 2 button bars with the 2 designs for the buttons (1 for left option selected and 1 for right option selected)
  2. add actions on the “unselected button” changing a variable stored in a new column of your screen data, you can keep no action on the “selected button”
  3. then filter your collection based on the state of this variable
  4. set the visibility of the button bars according to the state of the variable as well (one is visible when the other is hidden)

Maybe not the best option but it works for this use case.

Let me know if you need screenshots for more details on how to do it.

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This can work, but please beware that once your user base scales up, it will eat into your updates count a lot.

Thanks for the suggestion, but in my simple project, there’s no login-screen.
Thus, when one user chooses one of the buttons, the variable is stored and another user sees the filtering from the first user. (there’s no automatic reset at startup possible so far as I know).

But it’s interesting information (2 designs with visibility-option) to use in other projects.

If users aren’t signed into the app, then that’s even better. You can use user specific columns to store the value and it shouldn’t count against updates as it will only store that user specific value locally.