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Good afternoon, I have my Glide application and I wanted to know how I can select the page I want to see with a drop-down menu. I explain. I have an application to view information about basketball games, and I want it to access the page with the results of the last games (which is a List type page connected to a database) at the top On the page there is a drop-down menu that says First Year, Second Year, Third Year, etc… And selecting an option from the drop-down menu takes me to the page of that year’s games. Thanks in advance

Does it help if you add the In-App Filter to the List under Options? Something like filter by year

It wouldn’t help me, because I have given basketball as an example, and I also want to have it in pages, not all together, but separated by different data sheets.

Ok so you want some type of navigation to a filtered list after your selection. Are there a fixed number of options?

Yes, the thing would be a dropdown with 3 options and the one I select will take me to the page of that option

A choice component cannot run an action on it’s own when it’s changed, so you would need a button configured to do something based on that selected choice value. The other option is to use the selected choice value to control visibility, or a filter, or generate a relation used as the source of a collection. It all comes down to how your screens and data are currently set up.

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Just thinking out loud if it were me I’d have a one row table with a user specific column to hold the choice… a button bar with three actions to write to the user specific column… a relation from the user specific column to the data

The action on the button would be set column value followed by show new screen this item… on the new screen our collection with the relation as its source


I’ve done that with an action row component. Three buttons with a Show New Screen action on each button. Not even writing to to a user specific column. Just opened 3 different screens and designing each one independently.


Ya Jeff nailed it. That would get you what you want with the least updates possible.

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If you could explain the process to me more easily, I would appreciate it since I am a Nobel Prize winner in apps and I also don’t speak English, so the translations are a little strange.

I have an Action Row component on my screen.

This is how the Action Row component is configured.

This is how one of those buttons is configured.

That’s it. One Action Row component gives me multiple buttons that all open new screens. You can also do the same with a Button or Button Block component.

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