Two users, 250K rows?

Hi. I have a spreadsheet from my health insurer that lists 250 thousand UPC numbers (13 digit string) for products it pays for through it’s OTC program. I want my family to be able to answer two questions with this app.

  1. Snap a picture of a UPC bar code in 1. the store and return “Covered by Insurance” (found it) or “Not Covered”. Maybe a few hundred times a year.
  2. Search the table for text and see the results to help find covered substitutes for not-covered items.

I don’t need to make changes to the list or manage users. I’ll update this list no more than four times a year. We want to query

There’s no business model here, no scaling of users beyond my family. Just trying to save hours of headache and heartache at the Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart in-store checkout.

Can I even do this on Glide? Within the limits?

250k rows of data is quite a bit more than glide can handle at even a technical level. I think there would be some massive bottlenecking and lag, not to mention the size of the browser cache to store all of that data locally. I think your better option would be to explore creating or using some kind of API against your google sheet or third party source, and pass that upc code though the API, and have it return a JSON result.

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Can you share the list of codes? I think we can make a special column that checks against them.

I have a big fata also stored in the same scenario that has over 200K row but am using apps script and expand data via rows.

Is there a better way ?

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