Two date fields to get orders


I have two date fields one is date ordered field and another one is future date,both I’m selecting manually.

Now I need to get orders within this date in an line list.

How to do this?

Create an if-then-else column:

  • If order date is before start date, then false
  • If order date is after end date, then false
  • Else true

Any rows that have true in that column will have order dates in between your start and end dates.



It’s not working.

Screenshot please.

Hi,Please check

When I change the date as 28,it still showing the orders.

In your 3rd screenshot, you have two date picker components, but I can’t see where those values are being written to. Essentially what you need to do is write those values to two user specific columns, and then use two single value columns to apply the selected dates to all rows. You can then use the if-then-else column as I described earlier, comparing your order date to the two single value columns.

Yes ,I have created now but not working.whether the two date picker needs to be user specific?

Am i doing anything wrong in ite column?

Now the table updates correctly.Thanks

It looks okay.
In your earlier screen shot, you had 2 records on the 20th, 1 on the 21st and 1 on the 28th.
None of those are between the 22nd and 27th, so what you see is expected.

What happens if you change your start date to the 20th?

But my inline list displays all 4 orders instead of two.

Sorry i didn’t filter I did.thank you.

Hi Darren,

The one order on 30 th not showing but it should show.

There is probably a time component to the timestamp value that puts it after the end date. Does it return true if you select the 31st as the end date?

yes.its returning true.any solution?

Assuming that you want the Start and End dates to be inclusive, then you could probably just extend the if-then-else. Try the following:

  • If Order Date is within Start Date, then true
  • If Order Date is within End Date, then true
  • If Order Date is before Start Date, then false
  • If Order Date is after End Date, then false
  • Else true

working perfectly as of now.will double check once tested the app completely.Many Thanks.

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