How to specify date range

Hi In my list item how do I specify a date range. As of now I can filter by no, today, before eor after… But I want to filter let us say from June 1st to June 30th items. How do I do that?

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As of now I don’t think there’s an easy way to do that.

A workaround would be assigning 365/366 numbers to each specific day, then do a lookup on two user-specific input columns, which hold those “June 1st” and “June 30th” to return numerical values,.

Finally, your inline list will be filtered based on those numerical values.

I’ve tried too, no easy solution. I also wanted to filter/alter visibility based on date comparisons to other dates…doesn’t exist yet. Only can compare to on/before/after/within TODAY or NOW…not specific dates.

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What would this look like from a backend perspective @ThinhDinh?

Hi Dan, if you’re specifying the date only and don’t want to include the year then I can’t think of a straightforward way.

If you have the year in as well, as of now I think the best way is to use a custom filter with 2 user-specific components, one for the start date and one for the end date. Then filter your inline list by date is on or after start date and date is on ore before end date.

These must be done on a details view.

Extract month number , multiple by 100… add a day number … now you have a number to do filter.

But we don’t have a good way for people to choose the date only part for the start and end, or do we?

★ Create Single Value columns for May 31st and July 1 st
★ If May 31st or later is True in the If → Then → Else column: “check A”
★ If → Then → Else column, set before July 1 st as True: “checkB”
★ Specify check A is True and check B is True in Filter

Is it possible to specify the date range from June 1st to June 30th with this?

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I too would like to know this.

How about specifying the period range of the list item in this way?
You can copy the app.

hmm, maybe I’m missing something here. Filtering by a date range is trivial - can somebody point out a specific use case where it isn’t?

The purpose of this topic is “I want to filter items from June 1st to June 30th.”

“Filtering by date range is easy”
This is really awesome.
Would you please share that method?

The exact method can vary depending on the specific use case and how the data is structured, but it’s usually something along the lines of:

  • Two date picker components to collect the start & end dates, which are stored in User Specific Columns
  • A pair of single value or lookup columns to apply the selected dates to all rows in the source data table
  • An if-then-else column to identify the qualifying rows, which is then used as a filter.

OK, I’ve also searched for an easier way and found a style similar to what you pointed out, so I modified the app I introduced.
I removed the check items on the glide table and made it a simpler structure.

Yes, that’s fine for simple use cases.

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